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Journal and newsletter 

The IASI maintains two regular publications: the Journal "Estadística" and the NewsletterOn the other hand, special publications with the papers presented in Seminars on Applied Statistics and in Meetings on Public Statistics were made in the past. 

Now those papers are disseminated through this web page, and the authors are invited to submit them for possible publication in the Journal "Estadística".

Journal "Estadística"

Estadística is the scientific journal of the Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI).

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Journal "Estadística"

Estadística is the scientific journal of the Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI). It aims to publish contributions about themes in theoretical and applied Statistics, giving emphasis to original applications and the solution of problems of wide interest to Statisticians in the American Region.  

Applications papers should include a careful analysis of the problem at hand, have a clear presentation in order to contribute to the dissemination of methodology and good statistical practice, and contain adequate interpretation of the outcomes.
Applications papers may also aim to contribute to a better understanding of the scope and limitations of the methods considered. Applications papers may tackle problems in any area of interest including public statistics, health, education, industry, finance, etc.

Theoretical contributions without a corresponding application will be published if they represent a significant advance in the knowledge of the discipline at the international level and contain a clear indication of how the methods developed may be useful for relevant applications.

This publication has been registered by the following repertories: the Current Index to Statistics (CIS) of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), Zentalblatt-Math, and the "Sistema Regional de Información en línea para Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal (LATINDEX)".

The editorial board of Estadística is of international scope, and is composed of outstanding statisticians.

If you wish to submit a paper, please send two copies by e-mail to the Editor in Chief, one of them anonymous. Editorial process is double-blind, so the name and the address of the author to whom further correspondence is to be sent must appear only on one of the copies.

Papers will be accepted in Word, in LaTeX, or in Scientific WorkPlace. The specific regulations for the presentation of originals can be found in Guidelines for authors.

Editors of the Journal Estadística



e-mail: pedronsilva@gmail.com





The Newsletter of IASI is issued every year in March, June, September and December. This publication contains a letter from the President, and presents information on the Institute's programs and activities, as well as on statistical projects and activities in the countries. It also includes a section on international activities, in which a selection of information considered of interest for the statistical community in the countries served by the Institute is presented.

The Secretariat also receives news sent by institutions and individuals, for possible publication in the Newsletter. The publication of that information is decided taking into account the priorities established by the Executive Committee, as well as the availability of space. News to be included in the issues of March, June, September, and December, have to be received by mid January, April, July, and October, respectively. We present the Newsletters for a number of years, in "PDF" files:


Boletín N° 139 – Diciembre 2023

Boletín N° 138 – Septiembre 2023

Boletín N° 137 – Junio 2023

Boletín N° 136 – Marzo 2023

Boletín N° 135 – Diciembre 2022

Boletín N° 134 – Septiembre 2022

Newsletter No. 133 – June 2022

Newsletter No. 132 – March 2022

Newsletter No. 131 – December 2021

Newsletter No. 130 – September 2021

Newsletter No. 129 – June 2021

Newsletter No. 128 – March 2021

Newsletter No. 127 – December 2020

Newsletter No. 126 – September 2020

Newsletter No. 125 – June 2020

Newsletter No. 124 – March 2020

Newsletter No. 123 – December 2019

Newsletter No. 122 – September 2019

Newsletter No. 121 – June 2019

Newsletter No. 120 – March 2019

Newsletter No. 119 – December 2018

Newsletter No. 118 – September 2018

Newsletter No. 117 – June 2018

Newsletter No. 116 – March 2018

Newsletter No. 115 – December 2017

Newsletter No. 114 – September 2017

Newsletter No. 113 – June 2017

Newsletter No. 112 – March 2017

Newsletter No. 111 – December 2016

Newsletter No. 110 – September 2016

Newsletter No. 109 – June 2016

Newsletter No. 108 – March 2016

Newsletter No. 107 – December 2015

Newsletter No. 106 – September 2015

Newsletter No. 105 – June 2015

Newsletter No. 104 – March 2015

Newsletter No. 103 – December 2014

Newsletter No.102 – September 2014

Newsletter No. 101 – June 2014

Newsletter No. 100 – March 2014

Newsletter No. 99 – December 2013

Newsletter No. 98 – September 2013

Newsletter No. 97 – June 2013

Newsletter No. 96 – March 2013

Newsletter No. 95 – December 2012

Newsletter No. 94 – September 2012