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The work program of the Institute is structured on the basis of the following activities:

Seminars on Applied Statistics

The Institute started in 1986 a process of reorganization and reorientation of its programs, with the purpose of emphasizing its character as a professional organization, and to establish an adequate balance in the distribution of its efforts in the carrying out of activities of interest for the diverse sectors of the statistical community of the countries in the Region, in coordination with other institutions interested in the statistical development.

One of the first measures then taken was the establishment of a Program of Seminars on Applied Statistics, placed under the orientation of a Permanent Committee created by the Executive Committee. The following events have been held within the framework of this Program:

XII Seminar, on "Statistical Methods in Socioeconomic Problems”,, Medellín, Colombia, 2010

XI Seminar on “Time Series Analysis”, Querétaro, Mexico. 2007

X Seminar on “Econometric Models with Microdata”, Rosario, Argentina, 2006

IX Seminar, on "Educational Statistics and Statistical Education", Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2003

VIII Seminar, on "Statistical Methods in Quality and Productivity", Panamá (Panamá), 2001

VII Seminar, on "Statistical Methods in Finance and Economics", Quito, Ecuador, 1999

VI Seminar, on “Statistical and Population”, San José, Costa Rica, 1997

V Seminar on “Statistics in Agriculture and the Environment”, Santa Marta, Colombia, 1995

IV Seminar on “Biostatistics, Health, and Environment”, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, 1993

III Seminar on “Applications of Statistics in Business and in Actuarial Science”, Mexico CITY, 1991

Seminar II, on The Statistics in the Improvement of Quality and Productivity”, Santiago de Chile, 1989

I Seminar on Analysis, Cyclical and Seasonal, Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1987

Meetings on Public Statistics 
IASI Workshops